About Us

Recover with Rouse Hill’s Private Physio Clinic

We were born out of a desire to change the health care industry.

Traditional health care often treats people as parts and not individuals.

At the same time there is an epidemic of lifestyle illnesses and people are suffering from injuries and wear and tear.

We want to help prevent as much as we help to fix.

Our aim, is to bring together under one roof a team of experts that can help in every aspect of your journey to recovery, peak performance and overall well-being.

We are about helping YOU achieve what YOU want. We listen first and then create customised treatment plans to get you to your goals FAST. This includes physiotherapy for general injuries, treatment for chronic pain, including back pain and ankle pain, and sports physio for athletes and professionals. We specialise in three areas of service, designed to help with your personal situation. 

Injury Recovery
Everything you need to get your body fixed. We will find out why it happened, help you get on top of it and make sure we address the reason it occured in the first place. That’s really FIXED 
Prevention & Restoration
Instead of just getting back to the day before you were injured, get yourself to better than you were before. Reverse time to move like when you were younger. The true recovery
Acceleration of Performance
Tap into our knowledge in sports science and performance coaching to overcome whatever is holding you back. Lift bigger, run faster, be more agile, you name it we can help you get there.
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