Mobilise – Yoga with a Twist

What is Mobilise?

“Mobilise” is a movement class taught by one of our expert Physios or Exercise Physiologists at our Rouse Hill Clinic. Our teaching method incorporates evidence- based physiotherapy rehab principles, biomechanics, and Yoga movement methods to target what your body needs. The classes include the essence of traditional Yoga movements in our clinical movement education framework. It is one of the classes on offer at Rouse Hill, for more check out our classes page here

We welcome all our clients with a thorough Physiotherapy assessment.  During the assessment, we get to know your body, history and identify risk factors that might lead to future injuries. If there are current pains and aches, we advise you on the best treatment pathway and how to transition to exercise and classes in a timely manner. We set goals and propose an exercise plan in a specific time frame to help form long term changes to your body and movements.

It’s this closeness between our physiotherapist and you, and our ongoing feedback and adaptability, that makes our teaching so different.


  1. Mobility
  2. Stability
  3. Core strength
  4. Endurance and Agility
  5. Dynamic and Static Balance
  6. Injury Rehab
  7. Dance and Sports conditioning
  8. Joint specific movement and motor control
  9. Posture
  10. Habit Formation

Who can benefit?

Short answer: Everyone. We design the class to match your needs and we keep to small numbers so we can always adapt any exercise to suit.

Mobilise is ideal for anyone with back pain, anyone wanting a stronger back or anyone wanting to improve their flexibility.

Can I claim this class on my health fund?

Yes, because this class is run by a physio and has a solid evidence based approach where we asess, provide tailored treatment and then re assess, you are able to claim this under group exercise if you are eligible with your health fund. Click the contact us tab and get in touch if you want more information or just to chat to one of our experienced therpapaists about how this class might help you.


Look forward to seeing you in the Mobilise class soon!

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