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Australians like to consider themselves to be a relatively healthy bunch, and the world agrees.

In fact, it was ranked as 10th healthiest country in the Global Burden of Disease study with the US coming in at a distant 28th. You only need to take a stroll on a Saturday morning or weekday evening to see how seriously Australians take active lifestyles. From evening bootcamps to beach and park jogs, we are always on the move in pursuit of wellbeing. Considering that most of these exercise enthusiasts, myself included, are of productive or working age (25-64 years), the common assumption is that we are seeking a healthy work-life balance. BUT ARE WE?


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Most of us tend to focus solely on promoting a healthy lifestyle away from work, ignoring where we spend majority of our productive years; our work environments. There seems to be a dissociation between promoting a healthy lifestyle away from work and health in the work environment. Most Australians spend more than 40 hours a week at work adopting poor postures, eating and work pacing habits. I think we can all agree that engaging in a bad habit for 8 hours every day cannot be counter-balanced by 30 minutes of stretching or jogging 2-4 times a week. We need to realise the need for a balance between these two components if we are to really achieve a healthy work-life balance. HOW CAN THIS BE ACHIEVED?

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Two words….COMPANY CULTURE. A company culture is the personality of the workplace which defines the environment employees work in. A company culture of proper ergonomic awareness, work pacing, sitting/standing balance, regular breaks with stretches and education of employees on the importance of proper workstation health is essential to help maintain good health both at work and at home; In essence, finding that balance. The onus lies with a company’s administration to create this culture as this will be beneficial to the company. There are countless studies that indicate that improved health amongst employees translates to increased productivity. A company culture that emphasises fitness and health is also bound to attract young and/or energetic individuals, which can only be good news for the company’s HR department.

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Written by Kojo Arthur (Physiotherapist)

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