Online Physio and EP Treatment



The world of healthcare is consistently evolving. With the rise of technology, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology is now available via video conferencing so that you can get treated for your injury and concerns from the comfort of home or if you’re away traveling.


Over the last decade, physiotherapy treatment has moved away from a reliance on complex machines and manual techniques, and towards rehabilitation programs carried out under guidance. This puts you in much more control of your own recovery. Research has shown that outcomes can, in fact, be better through online consultation, due to the empowering nature of the system.


Online Exercise Physiology sessions are like having a coach in your living room. You get the same individualised diagnosis and treatment that you do in the clinic. In fact, using the technology to help us measure and assess your movement, we can show in you in real time your patterns and make corrections to get you results fast. 


Telehealth puts the control into your hands and brings health services into your own home or workplace at the click of a button!


  • You get to have your session in the luxury of your own home, where you feel most comfortable and associated.
  • We record your session and send it to you at the end, to ensure you can go back to the session for self management or revision of your home exercises. 
  • You get to be seen by the best Physiotherapist / Exercise Physiologist out there, our own Physiotherapist / Exercise Physiologist from the Movement Mill Clinics. 
  • You can keep working towards your goals even when you are unable to make it into the clinic.
  • Best value for money while in your own home.
  • If you are a busy mum, a shift worker or even just after a service that accommodates to your schedule, Telehealth is for you!

If you think online exercise physiology or physiotherapy services are for you please get in touch with one of our friendly team members to book your First Online Health Session Today.


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